About Us

About Us

Our health center comprises all the services you could need, under one roof. A general medical practice, for all the family, community nursing for minor wounds and dressings, as well as other nurse services, a dentists practice, mental health drop in center and podiatry and community midwifery.

We take a holistic approach to health and try and help our patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle, which includes a sensible approach to nutrition and exercise.

In addition to our other services, we are ably joined by community dieticians and nutritionists, who regularly operate drop in sessions a couple of times a month.

We are a family practice who believe in getting to know our patients well – as people first and medical cases second!

This way we believe we can identify the underlying causes of any ill health or medical problems that might arise.

Because we know that not everyone can access the care that they need, once or twice a month our medical practitioners offer drop in session, for free.

Please check with our reception team for the times and dates of the next sessions.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a now regular mental health drop in session, which now operates twice weekly.

Our practice is located within an all new, purpose built center, which has wheelchair access and is user friendly for all the family.

With ample parking space and a kids friendly zone, we hope we have made it as comfortable as possible for all to use.